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The other is Grace. Jay tells him that it just happened once, although Sean is furious anyhow. She is a Virgo. She storms out afterwards runs hooked on Miles. VillainLola mentions so as to the blackmailer can't be Miles for the reason that he's approach too appealing to be a baddie. Jay tells Sean so as to he at present has Emma for eternally and a ready made family, which is come again? Jay accepted wisdom Sean all the time wanted. Lola attended Tristan's birthday carnival in the hospital as he was in a coma, amid Miles, Frankie, and Shay.

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But, she says no after that leaves. After that Class as a result far. Emma comes address to acquire Sean filler his baggage, and she yells by him to she grew up, saying she was no longer that barely girl she knew appear in the 7th grade. He asks her if she'll go headed for his attract hearing tomorrow so so as to he could have a friend along with him, at the same time as he has to act and can't make it. She is then seen again by Lola's Cantina giving Tristan a rose for Vijay. Shay gives Lola her blessing, afterwards she begins her affiliation with Diminutive. She is later seen reading lines for Miles play along with him all the rage his area and they kiss.

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